Emerald Life OS - All-In-One Premium Notion Template (75% OFF!)

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Notion is an amazing software that enables you to be more productive in life. However, it can often be daunting to many, especially those who are new to the software. But fret not, our team at Templatifi has spent months developing and refining the premium All-In-One Template for you!

This template allows you to organise almost everything that there is to organise and manage in life! Furthermore, it is fully customisable for you to craft your own personal assistant to help you organise your life.

Key Features:

1) Tasks Management

2) Project Management

3) Calendar & Scheduling

4) Journal

5) Personal Finance Management

6) Memory Bank (Second Brain)

7) Fitness Management

8) Photo Gallery (Photographer Simple Portfolio)

9) Reading List

10) Travel Planning

11) Shopping List

12) Document Storage

13) Phonebook Contacts Management


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You will be able to manage your finances, fitness, daily schedule, journal, contacts, hobbies and so much more!

Comprehensive 😁
Simple to use 🪄
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Emerald Life OS - All-In-One Premium Notion Template (75% OFF!)

0 ratings
I want this!